How to run R codes from UltraEdit?

1) check the R Folder, you will see a file - Rscript.exe.. It's the one we need
2) Execute UltraEdit, check the Table: Advanced\Tool Configuration; then follow the pics

3) Insert a new tool
# Command table
- named "R" or whatever you like
- apply :"Rscript.exe %p%n%e" in command line (%p for path; %n for file name; %e for file extension. )
- key in the folder for Rscript.exe
- assign a icon for it
# Options Table
- it's a DOS program
- SAVE the file before it's executed

# Output Table
- Set up how to save/capture the output
- Here I set up for opening a new file for each run

The drawback:
can't execute selected lines.. It executes whole file..

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Robert said...


This is a huge help. Thanks much. Two questions:
1. Did you figure out how to run just lines of code?

2. How do I get this to execute the graphics? This would require having R open and running and having the output dumped to the R graphics window. At the moment, I only get error messages.

Thanks very much.